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Direct to Garment Printing

Direct to garment services are provided to help you convert artwork into digital print that we can then transfer with the heat on to your t-shirts!  And when you add vibrant colors, this conversion is even better!  We have designers that can help convert the work into digital that will allow for direct-to-garment capabilities.  Simply show us your design and we will take it from there.

How Does Direct-to-Garment Printing Work?

Davison Distributions has been offering top-class direct to garment digital printing services for over a decade. Whether you need a small batch of Shirt or a large order of shirts, we can cater to your needs and requirements in an efficient and timely manner.


Share Your Design - Do you have any artwork? What digital print fascinates you the most? Whatever design inspiration you have, please feel free to share its image with us.

Apparel Choice - Once the design is final, we will help you pick apparel that brings comfort in your life and style in your persona. Our clothing collection unwraps tons of Tees, Tank Tops, T-Shirts, and clothing of all kinds.

Deadline - Design is final, apparel is selected, the last step is to inform our team about an exact time where you need us to ship your order.

Very Simple Process!. Receive orders from us on time and give it a try. You would feel happy that you choose the best t-shirt direct-to-garment printing services after all.

Why Hire Davison Distributions for Direct Garment Printing Services?

The printing market is competitive. Lots of players are there to get your attention. You might be wondering why to place an order with Davison Distributions?

Here is why:

Attention to Detail - Digital apparel printing is all about clarity of design and bold colors. If the design is unclear, it loses its beauty and essence. We have expert printers who have been doing this job for almost a decade. We assure you nothing but perfection in design, color, and apparel quality with their keen interest in the field and attention to detail skills.

Competitive Rates - We don't charge you differently for a big or small design. Our rates are fixed, competitive, and highly affordable. Whether digital print jobs are small or big, they will remain the same. We believe in the transparency of our services.

Simply tell us what you need, and we will offer you our outclass direct to garment t-shirt printing services.

Our Customers

They are individuals, schools, corporations, event planners, religious groups, and universities. Our DTG services are super accessible for every group, class, and individual.

Full Color Printed T-shirts and Stuff - We take pride in digital printing of full images on T-shirts, Tank Tops, and Tees. Whether you want a full digital print on the shirt, cap, trousers, bag, or any other stuff, we can offer you everything you need at our print shop.

Here at Davison Distributions, we take pride in offering quality San Diego Direct to Garment transfer Digital Printing services at very reasonable prices. 

Call us today at 619-607-0670 or fill out our online form for an estimate!  We look forward to working with you!